Visa Information

The host country is a member of the European Union and part of the Schengen area.

Everyone entering the host country must have a valid identification document. For EU citizens traveling within the Schengen Area, EU countries, and Switzerland, a photo identification complying with EU standards and allowing international travel will suffice. Please check what kind of ID is required by your airline carrier before traveling. Some airlines within Europe will only accept passport identification.

Visas are required by delegates traveling from the rest of the world. We encourage all delegates to check the requirements for their originating country. Please contact the nearest Embassy for further information. You can also find more information on visa requirements for the host country at Official Visa Information Website.

Please note that every delegate must apply for their own visa.

Need an Invitation Letter?

You will receive a proof of registration soon after the registration fee has been received. The confirmation document will serve as your invitation letter when applying for the visa.

If you need a formal letter of invitation, it can be provided by the conference organization. Please contact us. Letters of invitation will be sent in PDF format to the email address provided. Please send us all information you need for the letter (for example title, affiliation, etc. if needed) in the same format used for your visa application, and include the name and number of your paper.

The organizing committee also reserves the right to ask for further information to ensure the validity of requests.

Please note that the organizing committee is not responsible for starting the process for visa application; we will only be sending the invitation letter. You make your own visa application.

Travel Information

The host city is well-connected to the rest of the world. You can easily reach it by plane, ferry, or train.

Reaching the Conference Venue

Please refer to our dedicated Conference Venue page.

Reach the Host City by Plane

The host city can be reached by plane smoothly from everywhere.

The host city’s airport consistently ranks among the best airports in the world. It serves around 350 flights a day, including direct flights to 140 destinations and several direct flights a week to various international locations.

The airport is located 18 km from downtown and 22 km from the conference venue. A frequent train link connects the airport to downtown in about 35 minutes. More information about local transport can be found on our conference venue page.

You can find the list of airlines operating at the airport on the airport’s official website.

Reach the Host City by Ferry

There are daily ferry services to the host city from several locations, including nearby countries. All ferry companies also offer the possibility to take a car with you.

Information on the different passenger terminals can be found on the Port of the Host City website.

Reach the Host City by Train

There are excellent train connections to the host city from all major towns in the country as well as from distant regions.

The Central Railway Station is located in the center of the city and is an architectural landmark in itself.


Our recommended accommodation options are divided into three categories:

  • Hotels at the conference venue or along the metro line
  • Hotels in downtown
  • Low budget accommodation

We have booked capacity from some of the hotels. These capacity bookings expire about 1-1.5 months before the conference. Depending on the hotel, this booked capacity is utilized by following the link or using the code provided in the hotel’s introductions below. Please note that the conference organizers cannot guarantee the availability of rooms in the hotels. The host city is very popular during the conference period!


Conference Venue, Host City, Host Country
Conference Dates
Conference Venue, Host City, Host Country
Conference Dates
Conference Venue, Host City, Host Country
Conference Dates
Conference Venue, Host City, Host Country
Conference Dates
Conference Venue, Host City, Host Country
Conference Dates
Conference Venue, Host City, Host Country
Conference Dates